Post Card in your Mailbox?

Welcome, so glad you here. That Postcard you received in the mail was no accident. You see, prayers were said as they were sent in hopes of being delivered to the right people –  and that person was you.  With that said, I am glad you have taken that step in reaching out to find out more about Jesus. I want to do my best in showing you that Jesus is real and alive!

If you already know Him as your personal savior that’s great! I can share with you teachings of “the message of the cross“.  I will get more into that later (end of post) but my desire is to share the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ and reach the lost. If there’s good news then there must be bad news right? That’s right, the bad news is there really is a hell and people will really die in the lake of fire; if we don’t turn from the wicked ways of the world, repent and be saved- Acts 2:38; Luke 13:3; Acts 3:19. Yes, it’s a blunt message but I would rather be blunt and tell you the truth for your salvation rather than beat around the bush and go to hell. Jesus died on the cross for you and me! It doesn’t matter who believes it or not that fact is that it is TRUE. I found out for myself that He is alive and that’s why I’m telling you about Him now. Not because a church told me He’s real or anyone else for that matter. But because I went to him myself and found Him. He has rescued me, carried me, healed me, and set me free from distress and bondage- Acts 10:38; Psalms 91:15; 3 John 1:2.

I encourage you to find Him on your own too. Go to your bedroom and shut the door and just cry out to Jesus. He’s there my friend, He’s there waiting to celebrate that moment you believe in Him. Whereas once you do then you have just entered into everlasting life with Jesus- John 3:16 Yay! Some would say

Post card From Jesus

Post Card From Jesus

what do you have to lose” by checking Him out and see if there’s anything to it, but actually there’s everything to lose. You loose an everlasting, glorious and peaceful life with Jesus rather than tormented life with Satan- Matthew 25:46; Proverbs 15:24.  I’m not trying to scare you I promise however, I must tell you the truth and that’s the truth. Point blank truth, don’t know how else to say it. You can certainly read it for yourself in the Bible as I have provided scriptures along the way.

By the way, God is love and didn’t make hell for you- Matthew 25:41 but if you reject Him then certainly heaven is not going to allow you entrance, therefore the opposite would be hell, right? God wants you to live with him in eternity by your own will. He won’t make you do anything. Nevertheless, once you believe in Him and allow Him in your heart and mind, then God can begin a work in you, bringing you closer to the knowledge and understanding of Him- Matthew 6:33; Proverbs 8:10; Proverbs 2:10.

Post Card

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Post Card

2 thoughts on “Post Card in your Mailbox?

  1. Yes God has a lot to say to us if we read the Bible. 2 Timothy 2:15 says “Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman who needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. Seeking God will allow Him to Lead us and guide us into Truth.

    Keep on keeping on….God loves you

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