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Good News, Love, Faith, Peace, Joy


So you’re driving up a hill and don’t know that over the hill, the road has a drop off; moreover, drive right over it. Wouldn’t you expect me to tell you if I knew about it so you can make the right decision; or choice not to go that way?  Good news is far better than no news, especially in this case.

There’s no hiding the facts or beating around the bush. You have a choice to make before it’s too late.

Fact:           There is a Heaven and Hell

Choice:      Heaven or Hell

Decision:   Heaven

The Good News is that Jesus died for you and loves you; ultimately He wants you to make the right choice in having eternal life. He is soon to come for His people and those left behind will spend eternity in torment. They will desire to change their hearts and mind, but can’t because of timing as we know it will  have expired. Take heart of your destiny – take action now – it’s FREE

Good news, love, faith, peace, joy. Jesus – Do you know Him?

Today is the day of salvation! Choose you this day whom you will serve. Make the right decision by turning from the road of destruction and search for the road leading to eternal life. 2 Corinthians 6:2

Repent of your sins and ask God into your heart by believing HE is your Savior! Additionally, that Jesus died on the Cross for you. Establish a new life with Him and be obedient to His word. Allow Him to fill you with the Holy Spirit and set you FREE from captivity/addictions or anything holding you down. God loves you and cares for you. Let Freedom Ring!

What happens after Death?

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Jesus Good News

Jesus Good News

Good news, love, faith, peace, joy. Jesus – Do you know Him?

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